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Our areas of intervention

Procadres International Suisse are experts in interim executive management and work alongside you, supporting you with your projects.

Whether you are an SME, a medium-sized company, a group subsidiary, an investment fund… interim executive management is the perfect solution for achieving a successful transition. In just 72 hours, Procadres International is able to introduce you to suitable experienced resources, for the length of time you decide, selected among our 1,000 profiles of highly qualified interim executives.

Procadres International provides you with the interim executive manager most suited to your circumstances, based on a simple purpose: to succeed in the assignment you entrust to us, whilst meeting all of your expectations, within the deadlines set.

The benefits of interim executive management

Ensure the effectiveness of the transition project management

The interim executive, placed in a key position within the company, is at the heart of the action, fully taking on their responsibilities and ensuring, at the same time, full consideration of the specific human, economic and organisational characteristics of your company. Their decisions are strategic and results-oriented.

Getting practical solutions in a short time

The interim executive knows how to define their priorities in order to get straight to the point and set up the necessary solutions over a limited period of time, without neglecting the transfer process, according to the objectives set, to prepare for the future.

Benefit from a truly objective point of view

Interim executives can bring a fresh perspective and a truly objective point of view. They manage change in an operational manner, emphasising areas of improvement to benefit your business.

We provide you with solutions

Regardless of the size and field of activity of your business, we are able to meet all your needs in terms of change.

Our pool of executives covers all of the operational management and support functions within the company. In a growing interim executive management market, we have completed more than 100 assignments.

We provide you with interim executive management solutions

By profession

Functions covered

Our interim executive managers cover the whole of the company’s management, change, engineering and support functions.

By sectors

Sectors covered

Regardless of the size and field of activity of your business, we are able to meet all your needs in terms of change.

By assignment

Completed assignments

In the context of a growing interim executive management market, we have carried out more than 1,500 assignments, 20% of these internationally.

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