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Meetings and training

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More than training you, Procadres International supports you:


We identifying your key skills as an interim executive manager

Initially, an executive manager or a partner will review your profile with you to ensure that it is in line with the interim executive management market.

Together, we define your added value

Together, we list your different skills and target your expertise, in order to assign you the missions that best suit you.

  • Your achievements and specialist skills in different areas of intervention (size and type of company)
  • Your foreign language proficiency or knowledge of a culture
  • Your national and/or international mobility
  • Your favourite areas of activity

Planning your commercial prospects

  • Ability to present your activity, by refining your “pitch”

Throughout the duration of your assignment

You will be supported and supervised by our partner.

We offer ‘Serious Game’ days (strategic simulation games), in which we ask you to resolve a situation in order to better understand you and offer you the most appropriate assignments.

Between assignments

Via our EXECUTIVE CIRCLE, we invite you to take part in themed breakfasts or round tables.

Cercle des Managers

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Being an interim executive

Being an interim executive

Project assignments are developed to provide companies with more flexibility and responsiveness. The increased need for flexibility and the emergency measures needed to face the crisis allow interim executive management to represent an opportunity.

Profiles required

Profiles required

Their experience and managerial skills are necessary to allow the company to overcome a difficult situation or to pilot an important project by meeting the objectives of the company, in the most efficient way…