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The role of interim executive manager

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A manager who is efficient

Among the managers of the Procadres Geneva network, 50% are cross-border workers and 50% are experts resident in Switzerland. Working as an interim executive manager requires a great ability to listen and integrate. Speed, very high level of interpersonal skills, decision-making strength, leadership and, above all, expertise, allow the manager to intervene in the decision-making processes, providing practical solutions within a short period of time.

Highly skilled in terms of management, change management and project management, the interim executive manager is immediately operational, leading the strategic realignment and preparing for the original management to take over.

In order to support you on your journey, we provide you with a partner/dedicated contact person with whom you will be able to discuss and obtain precise answers to all your questions. To promote communication, we organise events dedicated to interim executive managers.

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Being an interim executive manager

The profession

Project assignments are developed to provide companies with more flexibility and responsiveness. The increased need for flexibility and the emergency measures needed to face the crisis allow interim executive management to represent an opportunity.

Profiles required

The ideal interim executive

His experience and managerial talents are required to enable the company to overcome a difficult situation or to manage a substantial project by carrying out the company’s objectives in the most efficient way…

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A daily network

We accompany you throughout the duration of your mission but also during your periods of intermissions through meetings and events…

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