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Our expertise

Our team has extensive experience in identifying experienced interim executive managers in the following areas:

General management

General management

  • Business Unit Management
  • Branch management
  • Site management

Industrial operations

Industrial operations

  • Plant Management and Industrial Operations, QHSE
  • Industry 4.0 programs
  • Supply chain, purchasing, logistics and transport management
  • Technical and R&D management
  • Infrastructure engineering

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

  • Sales and marketing management
  • Communication management
  • CRM implementation
  • Sales and export development
  • Marketing of products
  • Implementation and management of distribution channels, e-commerce, client experience

Human Resources

Human Resources

  • Human Resources Management
  • Corporate social plan management (restructuring)
  • Implementation of a HRIS
  • Wages and benefits programmes
  • Talent management, establishment and relocation, personnel administration

Legal & Tax

Legal & Tax

  • General counsel
  • Tax management
  • M&A and IPO programs
  • Compliance programs
  • Lawyers and attorneys



  • Purchasing department for direct and indirect purchasing savings programs
  • Industrial subcontracting
  • Outsourcing & Offshoring



  • Financial management
  • Controllership
  • Accounting and consolidation management
  • Cash and financing management
  • Restructuring, management of over-indebtedness, debt restructuring and reorganisation,
  • ERP projects, implementation and stabilisation
  • Integration of M&A
  • Audits, due diligence and internal control programmes
  • Risk and compliance management
  • Middle and back office

Information Systems

Information Systems

  • IT management
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Data Officer and scientists
  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Application and technical developers
  • Programme management
  • Project management
  • IT infrastructure management
  • IT security and cyber security manager
  • Implementation of applications (ERP, CRM, HRIS)
  • Studies and outsourcing (BPO)

Are you looking for a manager with in-depth expertise in their field? Consider interim executive management!

Breakdown of our executives

  • Head office 10% 10%
  • CFO 20% 20%
  • CHRO 20% 20%
  • Industrial management 15% 15%
  • Supply chain and purchasing management 10% 10%
  • CIO 15% 15%

The most in-demand profiles of our interim executive managers

While the position of Chief Executive Officer remains the most requested, as a result of digital transformation, companies are often looking for highly-qualified profiles to support their transformation processes. Highly-qualified interim executive managers play an increasingly broad and cross-disciplinary role. They support a company’s assistance and operational services during the implementation or optimisation of management, administration or reporting tools.

Interim Chief Executive Officer

They are often the best solution when it is required to deal with a major problem which impacts the entire business structure.

Whether it is in the context of development (growth, internationalisation, M&A, reorganisation, etc.) or crisis, the interim CEO can take charge of these high-stakes situations and cover the entire decision-making process of the business. Most frequently, an interim CEO is needed as a result of the lack of managers; immediate takeover of a BU; recovery of an SME, of a subsidiary or a Group; redefinition of the business model, site disposal, the management of an LBO or a merger/acquisition.

In the event of a merger or acquisition, the position of CEO may be temporarily left vacant, often in response to shareholders’ wishes. However, the company must continue to be run unrelenting, so as not to endanger its integrity.

Interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Business-oriented, they have excellent knowledge and a good command of tools and project management. In general, they perform the following tasks: cash management and optimisation of the WCR (working capital requirement), application of tax and legislative regulations, implementation of new ERPs, search for financing, risk management, etc.

An interim management controller is able to analyse the financial results of your company and to develop, as necessary, a business vision in order to improve profitability.

Some of our interim executive managers in the field of finance have double skills and are able to develop a cross-disciplinary vision, juggling between operations and IT.

Interim Chief Human Resources Officer 

These are able to accelerate organisational change. Now they are needed more than ever, due to the impact of the current pandemic on working and management methods (working from home, remote management training needs, new tools, e-learning platforms, 100% digital integration pathways). Our interim CHRO are experts in all relevant law and support companies in the management of social crises, in some cases also involving restructuring.

Interim CIO (Chief Information Officer)

Interim CIOs often carry out cross-functional roles. They support the development of employees’ digital skills, they build the roadmap of the user environment for its hardware, software and security components. They also support the IT departments in the transformation of their operations, their processes into digital processes by selecting the appropriate tools; for example with respect to working from home, or for the repositioning of companies on new distribution channels in order to ensure the maintenance of ongoing commercial activity.

Interim Purchasing and supply chain manager

They deploy a strategy aimed at maintaining a minimum level of profitability during a downturn in activity. They manage the optimisation of costs and processes:  they redesign and/or automate purchasing processes, optimise logistical flows and costs, implement lean management, and sometimes also manage the relocation of production. A great contribution provided by the Interim Supply chain manager is their negotiation skills with suppliers. Most of our interim executive managers can also manage the negotiation and implementation of international framework contracts.

Interim sales manager

They are often responsible for analysing the company’s marketing processes and methods. They aim at reorganising sales channels and sales teams in order to preserve or develop the company’s market share.

Interim Plant or Site Manager

They deal with practical production issues. They are required to be particularly flexible and skilled in dealing with everyday problems. They must have exceptional interpersonal skills to be able to defuse the inevitable tensions arising within production teams they are not familiar with. 

We provide you with interim executive management solutions

By area

Areas of intervention

Developing, changing, managing crises, replacing an executive… Procadres International supports you in your challenges.

By profession

Functions covered

Our interim executive managers cover the whole of the company’s management, change, engineering and support functions.

By assignment

Completed assignments

In the context of a growing interim executive management market, we have carried out more than 1,500 assignments, 20% of these internationally.

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