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Being an interim executive manager

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The agile option

Project assignments are developed to provide companies with more flexibility and responsiveness. Due to the increasing need for flexibility, interim executive management becomes an opportunity. Managers and executives join us, looking for independence but also adrenaline, in the face of the urgency of needs and the very varied and tangible challenges of organisations.

Why interim executive management?

You are an interim executive manager, you need to be able to practice your profession independently or you would like to become an interim executive manager because you perform better in short cycles. Join us, if you possess the following skills:

  • You like to provide tangible solutions to complex situations, in particular in the context of corporate transformations or restructuring

  • You know how to manage challenges, both in Switzerland and internationally 

  • You are able to mobilise a teamaround objectives

  • You have the ability to fit in quickly intoan organisation

  • You have a successful career and your leadership is well-recognised

Choosing Procadres International means working on high-stakes assignments, throughout which you will benefit from the support of our partners.

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Profiles required

Profiles required

Their experience and managerial skills are necessary to allow the company to overcome a difficult situation or to pilot an important project by meeting the objectives of the company, in the most efficient way…

Meetings and Training

Meetings and Training

We accompany you throughout the duration of your mission but also during your periods of intermissions through meetings and events…