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Meeting your challenges: change management, strategic project, launch of new products…

Industry, Energy, Environment, Mobility/Transport, Banking and Insurance, Health, etc. many economic sectors in Switzerland rely on interim executive management. A trend which has accelerated after the health crisis and in the wake of the war in Ukraine. The growing demand for interim executive management in Switzerland shows the return on investment achieved by companies/organisations facing new challenges and inevitable changes.

Companies rely on our experienced professionals and their in-depth knowledge of Franco-Swiss specifics, in cultural, legal and organisational terms, in order to:

  • Develop: Conquer the Swiss market, enter the international market from Switzerland, double establishment in France, organic growth, launch of new activities/new products.
  • Change business models, accelerate digitalisation, manage change, carry out acquisitions/disposals, create a global hub of expertise…
  • Replace at the last minute a manager, CEO, CFO, CHRO, CIO, branch manager, plant manager, operations manager, BU manager, etc.
  • Improve performance, including financial, HR, IT and industrial performance, harmonise processes, meet standards and expectations of the Swiss market, etc.
  • Manage crises: restructuring, lack of liquidity, site closure or turnaround, managerial emergency, etc.

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80% of our clients are large Swiss and international groups and 20% are SMEs, start-ups and organisations (federal and cantonal authorities, cantons, municipalities and NGOs).

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All of the company’s operational management and support functions are represented in Procadres International’s interim executive management assignments.

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Developing, changing, managing crises, replacing an executive… Procadres International supports you through your challenges.

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Across the interim executive management market, which has been growing in size for many years now, we have carried out more than 350 assignments, some 30% internationally.

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