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Interim executive management at the heart of the industries of the Canton of Neuchâtel

Neuchâtel remains faithful to its pioneering industries. First of all, the watchmaking industry, revolving around the two giants of the sector and their many subcontractors. Then, everything related to miniaturisation in machine tools, metallurgy drifting towards electronics and automation, further boosted by CSEM and Microcity. Breakthroughs in other sectors with the arrival and sometimes departure of multinational corporations have created hubs of expertise such as the pharmaceutical industry in oncology, photovoltaics, space, etc. All these phases of transformation require interim executive managers. Neuchâtel’s SMEs share their know-how and watchmaking exchanges at medtech are multiplying, based on micromachining and micro-assembly.

An expert team at your side

Accustomed to managing complex projects involving major challenges, our interim executive managers have 15 to 25 years of proven experience in leading positions, having acquired unique human and managerial skills and qualities. They are able to meet your challenges without delay.

Our interim executive managers are also able to guide you if you relocate your company to the Canton of Neuchâtel.

Is your company based in Neuchâtel, or are you planning to establish yourself there soon? Is your business currently facing major challenges, an emergency situation? Contact us and take advantage of the expertise in the field and the unparalleled skills of our interim executives in Canton of Neuchâtel.

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